Ton Lekkerkerker

Ton Lekkerkerker
Corporate law

Companies, Private persons, International

Compliance & Governance, Inheritance law, Estate planning, Mergers and acquisitions, German Desk, Joint-ventures, Business law and company law, Participating interests, Private law and Family law

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Ton Lekkerkerker works as a civil-law notary in the Corporate Law group. He focuses on dossiers relating to directors and principal shareholders (including estate planning), family companies, non-profit organisations, and mergers and acquisitions. In addition to this, he is regularly involved with international transactions. Ton benefits from twelve years' experience in tax matters, gained amongst others during his time as an inspector with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and as a tax adviser working for one of the Big Four.


Notarial Law, University of Groningen (1982),
Tax Law, Leiden University (1984),
Corporate Structures training course at Grotius Academy (2004),
EPN professional training course for Estate Planners (2011).


Dutch, English, German

Other activity

Member of the Supervisory Board of Dutch Ice-skating Federation KNSB (as of 1 October 2016). Deputy judge at the Amsterdam court of appeal. Co-author of the Kluwer handbook 'De B.V. in praktijk'. Board member with a charitable foundation.

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