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Tom van Malssen
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Tom van Malssen has been a lawyer at the Healthcare department of the Nijmegen branch of our firm since 2013. Previously, Tom worked for a number of years in the (international) scientific world, including as a lecturer and researcher. Tom graduated in philosophy in 2011, and he has several (political) philosophical publications to his name.

In his daily practice as a lawyer, Tom mainly focuses on general civil health law, employee participation in health care and conflicts between health care providers / MSBs and medical specialists. In addition, Tom specializes in litigation in appeal and cassation in civil cases. Since 2017, Tom has been a (conditional) lawyer at the Supreme Court, which gives him the (pre-) right to file cassation proceedings and preliminary proceedings with our highest court.


In his transition from science to law, Tom drew inspiration from Cicero's criticism of Cato the Elder: Dicit tamquam in Platonis politeiai, non tamquam in Romuli faece sententiam. In other words: he gives his opinion as if he were in the republic of Plato, and not in the mud of Romulus.


Dutch Law (University of Groningen, 2004)
Doctorate in Philosophy (Ludwig-Maximilians Universit√§t M√ľnchen, 2011)
Course Specialization & Permanent education Civil Cassation Advise (Leiden University, 2017)


Dutch, English, German, French

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