Jeroen Lubbers

Jeroen Lubbers
Intellectual Property & IT law

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Intellectual Property law, IT law, Advertising law

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Jeroen joined the Intellectual Property (IP) and IT Law group as a lawyer in 2017. In his practice, he focuses on IP law.

Jeroen obtained a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Law ICT(2016) at the University of Groningen. His keen interest in IT and its technical and societal aspects dates back to well before he commenced his studies. It was during his studies that he came across the ever-changing field of IP law, in which each case proved unique.

When working as a research assistant in the Law ICT department at the University of Groningen, he investigated challenges in relation to IT law, such as the issue of liability with regard to autonomous or self-driving vehicles. As part of this role, he also explored aspects of IP law.

Technology has been one of Jeroen's main hobbies for many years. This knowledge and experience feeds into his IP practice.

The development of IP law has picked up pace as a result of the digitisation of society. Jeroen's knowledge and expertise in the area of IT, gained in the pursuit of his hobbies, serve him well in that regard.


Law ICT, University of Groningen (2016).


Dutch, English

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