Natascha Linssen

Natascha Linssen
Competition law

Food & Agri, Trade & Transport, International, Companies, Education, Real estate, Healthcare

Compliance & Governance, Contract law, Distribution, European law, Joint-ventures, Competition law, State-aid

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Natascha Linssen is connected to Dirkzwager since 2017. Before Natascha became a lawyer, she was a legal advisor at the Independent Postal and Telecommunications Authority (now the Consumer and Market Authority, ACM). In 2005 Natascha started as a lawyer at a medium-sized law firm in The Hague. After that she was a lawyer / partner of competition law and regulated markets from 2012 to 2017 at a medium-sized law firm in Den Bosch.

Natascha assists companies in various areas of competition law such as cartels, abuse dominant positions, mergers and acquisitions, cooperation agreements, (selective) distribution agreements and e-commerce. It represents companies in both administrative and civil proceedings. Natascha also helps companies to comply with their organization so as to minimize the risk of violation of the competition law.

Natascha also focuses on government-regulated sectors including the health and telecommunications sector. For example, Natascha provides healthcare providers with notification procedures at NZa and ACM, and represents telecom providers in market analysis procedures at ACM and the College of Appeals for Business.


Grotius specialisation course Dutch and European Competition Law, cum laude
Derecho Europeo de la Empresa, Universidad de Valencia, Spain
Europees Law and Economics, University Utrecht


Dutch, English, Spanish

Other activity

Natascha is a member of the Dutch Association for Competition Law (Vereniging voor Aanbestedingsrecht), Dutch Association for Media- and Communication Law (Media- en Communicatierecht) and the Dutch Association DFA (Distribution, Franchise en Agency)

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