Joost Bindels

Joost Bindels
Liability, damage/loss & insurance

Energy, Trade & Transport, Companies, Insurance, Real estate

Liability, losses and insurance, Construction law

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Following his VWO education, Joost spent six years working in a managerial function in the Dutch Air Force. He started his law studies during this period. Joost graduated in two subjects and participated in a (French-language) moot competition at the European Court of Human Rights. At the end of his studies, Joost completed his second internship at the legal department of an engineering firm. Following his graduation and a short spell working for a municipal authority, he became a Supreme Court lawyer in a liability law practice. Joost joined Dirkzwager in 2000 and has since become a partner in the loss/damages practice.


Joost has consciously chosen to be a classic lawyer: he likes "a contest with a result", whether it is an amicable settlement or a favourable outcome. Having control and being able to make maximum use of factual and legal knowledge in combination with the dynamics, tactics and psychology of a negotiation or a meeting, and excellent knowledge of his (mainly long-term) clients, are things that provide Joost with a permanent source of energy. Joost aims to foster long-term relationships with his clients.


Dutch Law, Utrecht University
Université Paris II Pantheon Assa


Dutch, English

Other activity

Joost is a former chairman of the BOVAG Disputes Committee and works as a freelance writer for the oldest – and in his opinion, the best – car magazine in the Netherlands. He has also collaborated on studies into the future of electrical and self-driving cars.

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