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Susanne Hermsen-Pfeiffer
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As a German "Rechtsanwältin", Susanne's experience includes working at legal firms in New York, Hong Kong, Munich and Cologne. She also spent a number of years working in Brussels, lobbying for the textile services sector. In 2006 Susanne started working for an international legal firm in the Netherlands, advising Dutch entrepreneurs on doing business in and with Germany. Susanne is a lawyer in German and Dutch law, knows the differences between both legal systems and cultures and works in German, Dutch and English. Due to her international experience, including outside of the legal sector, Susanne is not only a valued adviser, but also a discussion partner for her clients. Susanne heads Dirkzwager's German Desk and advises in particular in the areas of corporate law and labour law. In addition, she regularly brings proceedings before German courts.


German Law, LMU Munich (Germany)
Law internship, Munich (Germany)
Trainee at Dresdner Bank, Cologne (Germany)
European Commission, Brussels (Belgium)


Dutch, English, German

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Susanne is a member of the German-Dutch Lawyers Association and the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

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