Banking & Finance

Financial law is undergoing tumultuous development as a result of the European Directives and national supervision and securities legislation, also with respect to the duty of care of financial companies. Credit crises, share debacles and ailing banks are responsible for constant change in this area of law, leading to a need for stability and up-to-date knowledge and skill in the field of Banking & Finance in particular. A team of lawyers in the business law department have become highly specialised in financial law/Banking & Finance. We follow all of the developments closely and use that knowledge in new and ongoing cases. A number of lawyers on our team (supervisor Chantal van den Borne and Alexandra Slaski) have years of experience as (senior) legal experts in banking. This background has proven itself as important added value in the practice time and time again. Because we litigate in this field daily, we know the tricks of the trade. Our team represents both financial companies and consumers of financial services and products. In addition to our litigation practice, we provide companies with advice about duty of care and financing and securities structures. We know what is and what is not ‘boilerplate’ in financing agreements that are based on LMA documentation. We also guide and advise entrepreneurs who wish to restructure their debts and/or have to deal with the special assets department of the bank.

Interest rate derivatives

Interest rate derivatives, or interest swaps, are a major topic of interest and specific expertise exists in this area. Working on behalf of both SMEs and (also) for professional investors (such as housing associations and healthcare institutions), we take action daily against banks that sold these products, thereby placing the strategic interests and retaining the business relationship of the client with the bank in the foreground. Chantal van den Borne is also a member of the Interest Rate Derivatives Centre of Expertise and, in that position, frequently consults with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Market.

Our knowledge is your knowledge

We are pleased to share our knowledge with clients. We regularly organise Financial Law workshops, dealing with all matters that are of interest in this area. It is also possible for us to provide in-house information sessions in consultation with you– a session that is completely tailored to your organisation.

Banking & Finance

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