Dirkzwager works for regional, national and international clients. Multinationals frequently entrust us with their legal affairs. This includes companies with a Dutch holding company, foreign operating companies or business units in the Netherlands. Companies from our own region, but also from far beyond. A growing number of companies (large and small), agencies and multinationals approach us for international assistance. We can assist your company as well in cross-border matters. Your international M&A business can also be safely entrusted to us.

German Desk

For cross-border advice, we also have a German Desk, focused on both Dutch and German entrepreneurs who do business in the neighbouring country. There are still major differences between the German and Dutch cultures and between both legal systems. We make the transition happen for you and assist in bridging the differences.


Dirkzwager is affiliated with TELFA (Trans European Law Firms), a European collaboration of highly qualified law firms and civil-law notary practices. Our legal experts are actively involved in this network and one of our corporate law civil-law notaries is a board member of TELFA. The TELFA offices are ‘our branches’ abroad. The mutual relations within TELFA are very close. Most of the legal experts of the affiliated offices know one another personally, which ensures direct lines of communication. It also enables us to take action internationally very quickly.


TELFA is affiliated with other international networks, such as the American network USLAW. Because of this relationship, we have direct lines with colleagues in the US. Worldwide, we work together with offices in the BRIC countries and others.

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